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SAVE £23.21 per sqm
CLE00177 Rustic Lacquered Cocoa HerringboneCLE00177 Rustic Lacquered Cocoa Herringbone
CLE00177 Rustic Lacquered Cocoa Herringbone Sale price£41.74

Save £57.63 per SQM
CLE00158 Character Oiled Platinum PlankCLE00158 Character Oiled Platinum Plank
CLE00158 Character Oiled Platinum Plank Sale price£102.32

SAVE £28.09 per sqm
CLE00175 Rustic Lacquered Blonde HerringboneCLE00175 Rustic Lacquered Blonde Herringbone
CLE00175 Rustic Lacquered Blonde Herringbone Sale price£49.86

SAVE £33.40 per sqm
CLE00052 Select Lacquered Cocoa PlankCLE00052 Select Lacquered Cocoa Plank
CLE00052 Select Lacquered Cocoa Plank Sale price£59.55

Save £38.24 per SQM
CLE00289 Character Stained Blonde PlankCLE00289 Character Stained Blonde Plank
CLE00289 Character Stained Blonde Plank Sale price£67.71

Save £40.48 per SQM
CLE00284 Select Oiled Smoky Grey PlankCLE00284 Select Oiled Smoky Grey Plank
SAVE £26.73 per sqm
CLE00176 Rustic Lacquered Blonde SquareCLE00176 Rustic Lacquered Blonde Square
CLE00176 Rustic Lacquered Blonde Square Sale price£47.22

SAVE £26.73 per sqm
CLE00174 Rustic Lacquered Auburn SquareCLE00174 Rustic Lacquered Auburn Square
CLE00174 Rustic Lacquered Auburn Square Sale price£47.22

Save £44.66 per SQM
CLE00051 Select Unfinished Blonde PlankCLE00051 Select Unfinished Blonde Plank
SAVE £23.02 per sqm
CLE00042 Select Lacquered Auburn PlankCLE00042 Select Lacquered Auburn Plank
CLE00042 Select Lacquered Auburn Plank Sale price£40.93